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Weight Training, your secret weapon for Fat Loss

As you are probably aware, there are several fat loss tools available (recreational sports, aerobics, walking, dieting, etc.). But, what you probably don't realize is that resistance exercise represents the most effective tool. In fact, it is your secret weapon for effective, permanent fat loss! Let's look at the fundamental application of resistance exercise and what it has to offer in terms of fat loss.

Realize, first of all, that all the foods you eat are destined to provide the individual muscle cell with energy and building blocks. With this understanding, let's draw a comparison between muscle tissue, and a common sponge. The water in the bucket represents nutrients to include fatty acids (fats) and blood sugar (carbohydrates). Now, with a fully saturated sponge, begin washing your car. The longer you use this sponge without dipping back into the bucket, the more water you squeeze out of it.

The same is true with muscle. The longer the muscle is contracting without rest, the more energy is depleted. Dipping your sponge back into the bucket refills your sponge so you are once again ready to perform more work. Once again, the muscle is the same, only not quite as fast to replete as the sponge. The depleted muscle absorbs energy from the blood between exercise sessions. The real key to resistance exercise and fat loss is that fatty-acids (fats) from fat stores exclusively provide the energy the muscle uses during the replacement of muscle energy (glycogen). Therefore, the more energy you deplete in your resistance exercise session, the more fat your body must release to re-fill these stores.

It's just that simple. Muscle energy depletion is the key to resistance exercise and fat loss! With this concept in mind, there are several fat loss resistance-training principles that apply. One application of exercise selection that is appropriate for some clients would be using a weight light enough to enable you to perform 12-20 reps per set with some difficulty. This will help to deplete muscle energy while causing little tissue damage. This will also help to deplete as much energy as possible. Using (3) basic compound movements (movements which involve the most amount of muscle possible), a pulling movement, a pushing movement, and a leg pressing or squatting movement, perform a circuit routine. The more muscle you involve, the more energy you deplete, and the more energy you deplete, the more fat you will lose! In performing this circuit routine, you should start with your pushing movement of choice. When you complete this first set, move on to your pulling movement. Next, move to your final movement, the pressing or squatting exercise. Upon completing this movement, you are ready to begin your circuit routine all over again. To start, perform only three (3) circuits.

The real exciting benefit resistance exercise offers over any other fat loss tool, is the ability to GAIN LEAN WEIGHT WHILE LOSING FAT!! This effect is impossible to achieve using any other fat loss method.

Source: NFPT Personal Trainer Magazine, edited


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