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With all of the health and fitness information out there, and all of the money we spend on doctors, health clubs, vitamins, and diets, why is our culture in such terrible shape? Self-inflicted illness from the neglect and abuse of our bodies is an epidemic in America today. The Center For Disease Control, Surgeon General, and virtually all of the medical and health authorities are waking up to the cold hard truth that our sedentary lifestyle is not only killing us, but has ushered in a host of health problems. The research and authorities agree that the lowest common denominator in living a healthy life is exercise and nutrition. Without these two complimentary components, there is no chance of building sustainable health and fitness.

Research and health authorities agree that the lowest common denominator in living a healthy life is exercise and nutrition

Those that ignore their exercise and nutrition are actually creating the sickly, flabby, uncomfortable body that they end up being trapped in while they helplessly watch as their health and vitality slip away.

Those who understand and take charge of their exercise and nutrition are building a healthy body, creating health and strength, cooperating with nature to achieve their best genetic potential, and live with the enjoyment of feeling and looking their best.

Whatever your current condition, you can choose to be building fitness, or letting it slip away. Which will you choose? Its up to you alone to decide how you will live.


The human body functions best when it is muscularly active regularly, and receives the proper nutrients needed to support this muscular activity. The human body functions poorly when it is sedentary, and receives the wrong amounts and type of nutrients. All of the systems that make up our body can support each other and function in harmony when our body is fueling and using its resources efficiently, and adapting to maximize it's potential. (Use it of lose it).

(I have yet to hear of a health care professional telling their patient "You need to eat more junk food, and get less exercise.")


In past generations, people were muscularly active as a matter of necessity. Before machines made life "easy" for us, our forefathers lived by their physical activity, chased wild game, dragged it home, plowed, planted, built homes, chopped wood to heat and cook, walked, ran, lifted heavy things, performed manual labor, washed clothes by hand. Their food was scarce, whole, unprocessed. Sugar was a rarity.

Today we don't even get out of our chair to change the TV channel. We need our Garage door opener, can opener, indoor plumbing, central heat and air (instead of chopped wood), automobiles, and of course absolutely must have internet shopping. We'll even drive up and down the mall parking lot for ten minutes to get the best parking spot to avoid walking an extra 20 feet.

Modern life has made our food plentiful, highly processed, loaded with unnecessary sugar, served in huge quantities, and consumed for it's flavor value instead of it's fuel and nutrition value.

The term "exercise" had little meaning in years past, because exercise was an unspoken requirement in everyday life. Our forefathers would never have imagined that one day people would actually buy special equipment for the sole purpose of exercise, and actually run or lift heavy objects just for the exercise value of the activity. What a strange concept to someone that had to exercise all day everyday just to survive.

It is a fact that our body needs regular, intense exercise to function properly. Most of us do not work at physically demanding manual labor jobs, and therefore do not get the proper exercise from our daily activities. So we must find the most effective and efficient way to provide our body the exercise it needs. Check out our article on strength training and our great articles link pages for more information on the best exercises.

Living Strong Fitness Training can help you design an effective set of exercises specifically for your physical condition. A carefully tailored exercise program is the best way to guarantee that you will get safe and lifelong benefit from your exercise.


Stronger heart
Increased heart stroke volume
Decreased resting heart rate
Lower blood pressure
Increased cardiac output
Increased caloric expenditure
Increased Holds
Increased cholesterol ratio
Increased metabolism
Increased motor performance
Decreased stress and depression
Increased ability to metabolize fat
Improved sleep
Stronger bones
Improved immune function
Decreased body fat
Improved glucose tolerance
Improved quality of life
Increased ability to perform work with less fatigue (increased functional ability)
Increased endurance, stamina, energy
Increased strength of connective tissue (muscles, tendons. ligaments)

Portions of this information were used by permission from SPORTS COACH


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