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PLEASE NOTE! After many years of training, Brian has retired from active involvement in fitness training. This web site and its wealth of information and instruction will continue to be available as a reference and help for those pursuing health and fitness. Enjoy!

Success Stories from our Living Strong Family

Brian, After following your intruction for 8 weeks, I lost 15 lbs of fat, gained 3 pounds of muscle and reduced my body fat to 16 %. I would highly recommend you to anyone interested in making permanent changes toward a healthier, happier lifestyle. Since my wife and I were trained at the same time, we were able to make significant changes in the way we viewed eating and exercise together. Our household is now better educated and more aware of how to successfully lose unwanted pounds and add lean muscle. Lewis C. Snell

I've lost 31 pounds since begining your program. I weighed 210 for the past 5 years, and now I'm consistently 169 or 170 each morning when I weigh. Those are net pounds ( I've lost 45 pounds of fat, and added pounds of healthy muscle). I am now off of Lipitor for the first time in 8 years. Dan Carroll

Dear Brian, Thank you so much for training us so very well! I weighed 194.5 lbs. at the start of our training and was a size 18. ( I am 5' 2 & 3/4" tall). Since I began training with you four months ago, I have lost 30 pounds and wear a size 12 as of October!! I dropped 13.25 total inches in 6 weeks of training. ( Since this was written, Lynne now has lost 50 lbs and is into a size 8!)

After Yo-Yo dieting for years I have finally stopped the cycle and feel so much better and know I can continue with my new lifestyle!! I am so relieved that being fit is so doable! Thanks to the education about strength training. I now know that I can do this with your guidance and enhance the quality of my life! See you soon! Sincerely, Lynne Jackson

Brian- I was looking at my workout log and realized how far we have come in just 3 months. I came to you as an out of shape overweight 53 year old wearing 38 pants and my 161/2 shirts were tight on my neck. I am now into 34 pants , have lost 25 lbs, and now my shirt collars are loose. I can`t tell you how much better I feel and how much stronger I have become. This has really been a great experience.

You have been imaginative in creating exercises to accommodate my left leg in which I had polio. We have seen a great deal of improvement in my range of motion in that leg. What I am realizing is the more success I have the more I want to do. Let`s keep going and keep pushing me. Thanks- Johnny Bledsoe

Brian: Thanks so much for your expertise. In only 4 months, I've had a 24 pound turnaround, losing 14 pounds of fat and gaining 10 pounds of muscle! I still have more to accomplish, but I now have the assurance that by using your information, I can have the strength and body composition that God intended for us to have.

In all seriousness, I would have to give your class an A-Plus - you were absolutely outstanding. You have the right balance of information, personal challenge, passion, and encouragement - and your personal situation - both before and after - is an incredible example. Michael

Today I find myself just wanting every overweight person to know what you're teaching. It's so very simple and do-able. And best of's life-changing in nature.

Several of my other co-workers and friends have asked about your training because they have been so impressed with the results they've seen.

I remember that it wasn't too long ago that I was waking up in the middle of the night with horrible acid reflux episodes from over-eating, was ripping the seat out of my pants at work, was unable to buckle my belt, and was constantly popping the buttons off of my shirts; the very clothes that now look comically big on me. Thanks a lot, Brian. D.C.

.....I was "at the end of my rope" before I started working with you--I had tried fasting and all kinds of other diets. I would lose the weight (which I now know was mainly water and muscle), and then gain the weight back (which I now know was mostly fat). Your willingness to share with others the results of 1000's of hours of your own work and research has truly been a Godsend for me. Steve S.

Brian, I want to personally thank you for being our personal trainer. One of the strongest reasons for success stories like mine is the passion and the total belief in what you are doing that you bring to your clients.

When I started Living Strong Fitness Training, I was taking two blood pressure reducing pills daily with a diuretic, one cholesterol reducing pill daily, and one triglyceride reducing pill daily. After a few months of following your instruction, my Dr. has taken me off all medications and my blood pressure is now 119/70!

My weight was 200 lbs, when I started your program, and my body fat was 27.6% (55.2 lbs). At the completion of the first 6 weeks of your training, I had dropped 15.5 pounds of fat, added four pounds of muscle, and had reduced my body measurements a total of 11", of which 3.5" was reduced in my waist. My body fat was 22.3% (41.4 lbs).

And now, after 7 months of Living Strong Fitness Training, my waist measurement has been reduced by 8.25" and I now weigh 169.5 lbs. My body fat is now 14.6% (25.1 lbs), and I have added many pounds of muscle!

Your motto is being fulfilled - "Living Stronger". Thanks again. Danny Jackson.


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