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PLEASE NOTE! After many years of training, Brian has retired from active involvement in fitness training. This web site and its wealth of information and instruction will continue to be available as a reference and help for those pursuing health and fitness. Enjoy!


"What is the advantage of working with Living Strong Fitness Training instead of just working on my own?"

  1. Professional and experienced guidance, motivation and encouragement to help you get fit quickly and safely. - Let's face it, if you had the knowledge and motivation to get in shape on your own, you would be doing it already, and wouldn't need our help. But most people need help, and they are wise to seek a competent professional to help get fit. When your car is broken, you take it to the best mechanic you can find to get fixed. When you are sick, you go see the doctor. When you want to make positive health and fitness changes in your life, you see a fitness professional! Living Strong will make sure you receive timely encouragement, instruction, and motivation to keep you on track.
  2. You will have the complete health screening and personal evaluation of your fitness and medical profile, and ongoing fitness consultation for your exercise program - In order to know how to get where you are going, you have to have a realistic idea of where you are right now, as well as a detailed set of goals that you want to achieve from your personal training sessions.
  3. You don't have to spend years on your own, learning what we already know! - There are so many facets to health and fitness training, that it's hard to even put together a brief list of the highpoints. Look at the Fitness/Nutrition section of any bookstore or library and see how many books you find on nutrition, exercise, and health in general. We will teach you the things that you need to know about nutrition, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, while at the same time explaining away the bogus myths about miracle weight loss diets and other exercise programs that may not be appropriate for you.
  4. And finally, Your level of incentive and commitment - Not only do you get a commitment from Living Strong Training, but just as important is the commitment that you make to YOURSELF. If you pay your money for something, your likelihood of making good use of that purchase increases dramatically. You have the incentive to follow through because of the financial as well as the personal accountability.

"How is Living Strong Fitness Training different than other personal trainers?"

While many fitness centers offer exercise instruction and some sort of personal training, Living Strong offers COMPREHENSIVE FITNESS TRAINING based on your individual needs and goals. Living Strong Training includes:

  • Wellness evaluation
  • Your individual medical and exercise history profile
  • Physician's consent
  • Comprehensive metabolic, circumference and body fat measurements
  • Body Mass Index profile
  • Custom designed exercise instruction and program design based on your individual needs.
  • Caloric requirement calculations
  • Nutritional and diet program design and monitoring
  • Ongoing monitoring of fitness levels and strength gains
  • Certified, insured, experienced professional guidance and instruction

The Living Strong total package of health and fitness assures you of safe and effective success in achieving your optimum body shape and fitness levels.

"How much does it cost for Living Strong Fitness Training?"

While the cost of exercise instruction at a local gym or club will range from $25 for a 30 minute session to over $100 per session, your personally designed Living Strong Comprehensive Fitness Training Program costs about the same as dinner and a movie, from $25 to $65 for a full 50 minute session, based on single or partner training, location, length of contract, and frequency of training sessions. You can also receive free training sessions for referrals.

The overall cost of becoming fit, healthy and strong is an investment in your life and future. Have you considered the actual cost of not being fit? High blood pressure or cholesterol medication, doctor and medical costs, lack of strength and mobility, looking and feeling bad, illness and disease, loss of quality of life, emotional and negative self image, joint and comfort issues, long-term health risks, are the price of not being fit.

Consider this. If your car needs repair, you somehow figure out how to get it fixed and pay for it because it is necessary. If you lose a filling or crack a tooth, you will do whatever it takes to get it taken care of because it has to be done. If your body is not functioning as it should, and the time has come to repair your health and fitness, getting into shape is no longer an optional negotiable item. It has to be done. Yes, it will cost you something, but you have got to take charge, do it right, and do it now.

"Where will personal training sessions be conducted?"

Most of our clients enjoy training in our Living Strong Private Studio. It is the ideal location, and enables you to maximize your time, exercise in our comfortable and private environment, and avoid the additional cost of gym membership dues. Training sessions can also be conducted in your home, or your favorite club or gym.

"How long are the training sessions?" The typical personal training sessions are about 50 minutes in length.

"How frequent are the training sessions?"
LIVING STRONG offers an individually tailored program to serve the unique needs of each client. The number of training sessions per week will vary per client and will be a function of your individual needs and goals. Some clients choose two or three training sessions per week, while other clients may only need one session per week with the trainer.

"What time of day are the training sessions?" We will work out a training schedule that fits your lifestyle. We'll work with your schedule to help carve out a time in your busy day to help make your fitness and exercise a top priority.

"What types of clients do you work with?" Every client is unique. Training sessions will be individualized based on fitness level. Whether you are a beginner just getting started, or a fitness enthusiast wanting to take your workout to the next level, LIVING STRONG will develop a personalized program focused on your goals and skill level.

"Do I need my own equipment?"
You will want some small freeweights to begin your workouts at home between our training sessions, or you may prefer to use a gym or club's equipment if you have access. When our clients see the incredible results of training properly with the simple freeweight equipment, they usually end up with a small workout area of their own in their home.

Under our direction, many clients achieve a great level of fitness with a minimal amount invested in equipment. Most clients prefer to invest in a small home gym based on freeweights. For about what you would pay for a one-year membership at a club, you can have your own setup at home.

"How much space is required for a home fitness area or a small home gym?" An area about eight feet by eight feet is usually all that is required.

"Are group personal training rates an option?" Training sessions also are available for couples and other small groups (recruit a friend or two and have fun getting fit together!). If you and your spouse or a workout partner would like to have training sessions at the same time, there is a discount for each of you as long as you continue to train together. There are also group consultation rates available if you would like Brian to come to your place of business or other gathering to teach, train, or discuss health and fitness.

"What if I just want to talk about getting started, but don't know if I actually am ready for training sessions?" Living Strong offers a free initial consultation to qualified prospects, in which we learn about your fitness goals, and you learn about our training services.

In addition If you would like some additional education about fitness, exercise or nutrition, we also can provide a fitness class to help you get started. This is a great opportunity for a person or group of people to spend some time with Brian to learn the basics of exercise, nutrition, and other aspects of the fitness lifestyle before deciding whether or not to purchase a package of personal training sessions. For many people, this is the perfect first step toward a training program.

"What are advantages of training with Living Strong instead of going to a local gym and hiring one of their trainers?"

  • The Living Strong Private Training Studio....Central Texas' One-on-one Personal Training facility. Exclusive, individually designed training sessions under the direction of fitness professional and educator Brian Konzelman at our convenient and pleasant location.
  • No Gym Memberships - If you have no interest in working out at a local facility, why should you have to pay for a gym membership above the cost of the local trainer, and be required to train at that gym? Living Strong training will teach you how to get into great shape without expensive machines.
  • No Sales Quotas - Living Strong is primarily interested in your benefit, not a club's need to hit a certain sales figure each month. Did you know that most gym's personal trainers have sales quotas to reach each month, or they will be FIRED?
  • No Canceled Training Sessions - Gym trainers are called away from their scheduled training sessions for meetings and club activities, usually at the last minute. With Living Strong, our schedule revolves around you. Any schedule changes with living strong will be rare, and when they do happen, plenty of notice will be given so you can adjust your schedule, and set up a replacement time for your training session.
  • Better use of your Time - Since we train you in our exclusive private facility, you do not need to check into a crowded gym, stow your gear in a locker, wait on equipment, or worry about how you look. You will save 30 - 45 minutes every workout!
  • Personal attention, ongoing help - When you train with Living Strong, you receive focused personal professional attention from our trainers. Our website and e-mail contact is always available 24 hours a day, and your trainer is only a phone call away for regular clients. That type of time and attention is simply not available with a local gym.
  • Specific Nutritional Counseling - There are many facets to the nutritional component of your training program. Your Living Strong Trainer is knowledgeable about your nutritional needs, as well as available to work with you throughout your training program to keep you on track.
  • Group Personal Training Discount - Most gyms do not allow group sessions. Even if you are able to do so, you will NOT get a discount for it. If you want to work out with a training partner, Living Strong allows a discount if you workout with a partner on a regular basis.
  • Motivation - Our Living Strong Trainers have impressive personal fitness accomplishments are a great source of motivation to Living Strong trainees. Founder Brian Konzelman has been there, and gone from poor health and a flabby body to the great shape he is in today. His years of dedicated personal success are an inspiration to keep on keepin' on. If we can do it, so can you!
  • Safety and confidence - In addition to being Certified Personal Trainers and sports nutritionists, Brian and the Living Strong Trainers have years of teaching and training experience, are certified in CPR, and insured. Living Strong clients enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that they are receiving the most professional, safest and most effective training available.


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