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PLEASE NOTE! After many years of training, Brian has retired from active involvement in fitness training. This web site and its wealth of information and instruction will continue to be available as a reference and help for those pursuing health and fitness. Enjoy!

Why have a personal trainer?

"With all of the self-help information about fitness and health that is available, do I need a personal trainer?"

Living Strong Fitness Training is designed for people who don't want a degree in exercise or nutrition, they just need the best professional guidance and program to help them get into great shape, safely and effectively.

Living Strong provides the knowledge, safety, encouragement, motivation and confidence that only comes from working with an experienced qualified fitness professional.

Living Strong Fitness Training will put you on the right track to fitness immediately, help you avoid injury, and provide the confidence of professional, safe and effective training.

Here are some of the advantages that Living Strong Fitness clients enjoy:

  • Safety and Confidence
  • Accountability and Discipline
  • Optimum Nutrition and lifestyle support
  • Access to Correct information
  • Correct exercise selection and performance
  • A broad base of related knowledge
  • Injury Avoidance
  • Savings of Time and Money
  • Great Results. You will Look great and Feel great


Fitness is the result of having the correct information, and then using it correctly.
Living Strong personal training is your direct link to the correct information, and your source for help in using that information safely and effectively.


Working with Living Strong will help you make the best choices for nutrition, exercise, and your individual lifestyle issues. Our professional guidance will help you avoid the frustration of having club memberships that do not produce results, and prevent the dissapointment of not getting the fitness results that you have anticipated.

One compelling reason that many choose to work with LIVING STRONG is to avoid the frustration and injury that all too often results from self-experimentation on your own body with wrong information, nutrition and exercise applications.

Many have tried a self-guided quest for fitness with the best of intentions, only to give up when they did not get the results they anticipated, or injured themselves trying to follow some training advice from an unqualified trainer, or a website or magazine.

With Living Strong Certified Personal Training, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. We have the knowledge and experience you need to help you begin getting results, safely, from day one.

Most people are not particularly interested in becoming a personal trainer. They only want to know how to become fit, quickly and safely.


.....Improve your overall fitness - The main reason people hire LIVING STRONG is to get experienced professional help to succeed in improving their health. We will motivate, monitor your progress and adjust your program when necessary to ensure ongoing success.

.....Reach or maintain a healthy weight - Realistic goal setting is of prime concern to us. A safe strategy is necessary to assist you in reducing body fat, or maintaining a healthy weight. Nutritional counseling and education are part of the services offered by Living Strong.

.....Focus on your unique health concerns
- Many clients have special needs that need to be addressed in the evaluation and design of a fitness plan. Living Strong will work closely with you and your medical team to provide you with a safe and effective program that will enable you to reach your health goals.

.....Learn to Work Out Correctly - LIVING STRONG has the expertise necessary to instruct you in the proper execution of all exercises and use of equipment whether it be weight training or cardiovascular conditioning.


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