PLEASE NOTE! After many years of training, Brian has retired from active involvement in fitness training. This web site and its wealth of information and instruction will continue to be available as a reference and help for those pursuing health and fitness. Enjoy!

Meet fitness trainer Brian Konzelman

Brian brings his unique and impressive set of qualifications as a fitness trainer to you with Living Strong Fitness Training Systems. His extensive experience and training in fitness, education, and communication, as well as his own personal fitness transformation have helped him become the effective fitness trainer that he is.

TRAINER As a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist, Brian has the broad base of knowledge and experience needed to help his trainees get into their best shape. His studies, certifications, and mastery of exercise, strength-training, nutrition, and physiology, allow him to design the safest and most effective training plans.

Years of experience creating and training successful fitness programs, helps Brian maximize the training success of individuals with one-on-one personal training, as well as groups, with his college and community fitness classes, or Police Academy Physical Training.

EDUCATOR Along with his expertise in the field of fitness training, Brian has an extensive background as an educator with decades of college-level teaching experience. As a professional communicator he understands how to train and motivate effectively. His teaching experience is an important asset that helps his clients and students enjoy their training experience and achieve the maximum benefit from their fitness training programs.

FITNESS EXPERIENCE Brian's empathy and understanding of fitness stems as much from his own experiences as it does from his qualifications. He wasn't always in fantastic shape. From personal experience he understands the struggles of being trapped in an overweight, out-of-shape body, and knows firsthand what it is like to work through the process of becoming fit, and has experienced the wonderful accomplishment of building his own fit, strong and healthy body.

BEFORE LIVING STRONG FITNESS TRAINING, a sedentary lifestyle in the music recording studio business had turned Brian into an unhealthy, overweight and out of shape flabber. At five foot eight inches tall, Brian tipped the scales at 185 flabby pounds with a body fat of 35%, unhealthy cholesterol levels, and dangerously high triglyceride levels. His wakeup call to get in shape was a trip to the emergency-room with heart-attack symptoms.

AFTER LIVING STRONG FITNESS TRAINING. (Photo taken at 52 years old.) Brian turned his health and physique around, shed 35 pounds of fat, and replaced it with 30 pounds of muscle. Looking in the mirror he now sees a muscular physique that appears to be that of a twenty-year-old athlete. The scale now shows 175 lean muscular pounds at 11% body fat. Brian now has healthy blood levels across the board, the heart of a young athlete, and is an inspiration to those he trains.


  • Certified Personal Trainer, AMFPT
  • Tenured Faculty member, McLennan Community College
  • College instructor since 1981, Baylor University, McLennan Community College
  • Fitness instructor, McLennan Community College C.E.
  • Police Academy Physical Training instructor
  • Author for fitness magazines Hardgainer, Bodybuilding
  • Certified in CPR
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Insured, professional liability

TRAINING WITH BRIAN is always a pleasant experience. His professional background and high personal standards make his training sessions safe and effective, and his pleasant demeanor and teaching skills make them easy to understand and fun. Brian's personal fitness accomplishments encourage confidence in his trainees, and help motivate and inspire their own progress.

Training services are available at Living Strong Fitness Training Systems, teaching individual or group sessions for men, women, wellness programs, community and school classes, and day or weekend seminars. If your need is a one-on-one personal program for a busy professional or mom, or a fitness/wellness plan for your entire business, Brian will work with you to design a personalized fitness plan for your busy schedule.

AND FINALLY, in addition to his love for fitness training, Brian has been active in the music business since 1970 as a major label recording artist, record producer, music publisher, and recording studio owner. He also teaches college in Waco Texas, and performs live music weekly. Brian is 59 years old, has 3 children, six grandchildren, his wonderful wife with 37 anniversaries, and lives in central Texas. Visit his recording studio at .

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"I got into shape, and know that you can do it too! For years I was trapped in a flabby out of shape body, but today I am in the best shape of my life. What made the change? Learning what to do, and then doing it. I can help you become fit and strong, training you to maximize your health, lose the extra fat and get into your best shape."

Brian Konzelman, founder, Living Strong Fitness Training Systems



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