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PLEASE NOTE! After many years of training, Brian has retired from active involvement in fitness training. This web site and its wealth of information and instruction will continue to be available as a reference and help for those pursuing health and fitness. Enjoy!

PLEASE NOTE! We recently terminated our lease at this location. Currently we are training individual clients in homes and facilities in the Waco, Texas area. The information on this page is still here as a reference only

Its Your Space. Your Time. Your Trainer.

Get into your best shape with our exclusive, individually designed and directed training sessions or Fitness Community Classes at Central Texas' premier Personal Training facility, Living Strong Fitness Training Studio.

Our convenient and pleasant private training studio is located at the VillageGreen Center, 4315 Lake Shore Drive, just four minutes from McLennan Community College, and about 5 minutes from the Richland Mall area. Our one-of-a-kind private training studio features.....

  • A pleasant, private facility with lots of windows
  • Safe, Certified and insured professional training
  • Individual exercise and nutrition program design
  • Clean and well maintained equipment
  • No crowds
  • No waiting in line for equipment
  • No distractions
  • Training and classes by appointment only
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The Living Strong STUDIO Advantage.....

If you've ever trained in a conventional health club or gym, you know how distracting the environment can be. Weights bang. Music blares. Spandex flashes. Your attention is divided. Time is wasted. Even in a home gym setting, interruptions can be unavoidable.

At Living Strong Private Studio, we have eliminated the negatives, and created a pleasant, positive, and effective environment for your fitness training. You don't compete with anyone else for help and attention, or for the use of our equipment.

The Living Strong TRAINING Advantage.....

This unique and secure training environment helps you devote all your attention and energy to your workout. You stay focused, motivated, energized, as you take control of your fitness with our personalized help, achieving results in less time than you thought possible.

At Living Strong Private Studio, we are able to fully concentrate on the individually-tailored workout created exclusively for you, based on your needs and goals. Right there with you every step of the way, we are teaching and training you, demonstrating exercises, inspiring you, answering your questions, monitoring your progress, and adjusting your workout as your needs change and your abilities grow.

When you train consistently with us, you can expect dramatic improvements in your body composition, strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, bone density and coordination. You can expect to lose pounds of fat, and gain pounds of lean body mass. You will be Living Strong!

Your Living Strong EQUIPMENT Advantage.....

Living Strong Private Studio trains exclusively with the most productive and safest training equipment available. Our equipment is the same that is found in leading medical and physical therapy offices, the largest and best equipped NFL and Major League gyms, and used to train the olympic athletes, navy seals, bodybuilding champions and the top fashion models. We emphasize training with modern freeweight equipment.

Living Strong Studio's equipment is the most recommended fitness tool by leading fitness organizations, including the Center For Disease Control, The President's Council on Health and Fitness, Mayo Clinic, The Surgeon General, National Association of Sports Medicine, and on and on.

The number one choice of leading fitness trainers, top athletes, and health authorities, freeweight training is the most successful, and safest method of training available, quietly and effectively building the fittest of bodies. Freeweight exercises and workouts are the benchmark standard by which all other strength training machines are compared.

Living strong will train you in the safest correct form and exercises. You will learn the proper exercise tools and techniques, and then be able to use the exact same equipment in your home to continue your workouts on your own.

You will learn how to maximize your fitness time and budget, and use inexpensive home freeweight equipment to continue being fit for the rest of your life without ever again having to depend on expensive specialty fitness equipment and club memberships.

Living Strong, your investment in a healthier future.....

Training at Living Strong Private Studio will help you get the most out of the time and money you invest into your fitness, and maximize your returns with improved cardiovascular capability, muscle strength and overall health. Many of our clients have reduced or eliminated their need for prescription blood pressure, diabetic, and cholesterol medications, saving enough money from this alone to help pay for their fitness training!

Are you ready to get started? Maybe you need to lose weight. Sculpt your body. Become fit and strong. Enjoy a pain-free body. Avoid surgery. Breathe with ease. Feel relaxed, focused and confident .... No matter what your health and fitness goals may be, your results are measurable with Living Strong Fitness Training. We will monitor your fitness progress and body composition and fine tune your training constantly, so that your progress never stops.

Living Strong training is a wise investment in your future, helping you obtain the priceless treasure of having a fit, strong and healthy body for the rest of your life! You will truly be LIVING STRONG!


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